Chem-Dry Four Seasons

Although you may be diligent about keeping your home clean, chances are you are forgetting these 10 important areas.

Trash Can

  • We know, it’s not the most desirable of jobs, but that’s exactly why it needs to be done. A lot of dirty grime can build up on the bottom and sides of the garbage can.

Cell Phone

  • Surprisingly, your phone may be the most germ-covered item in your entire house. On average, cell phones carry more germs per square inch than a public toilet seat. We’re talking germs that you definitely don’t want near your face, such as E. Coli, which studies* found present on 16% of phones. Nasty.


  • Many people are familiar with the invention of the vacuum. Did you know that it should be used on your carpets twice a week? In addition to vacuuming, carpets should be professionally cleaned 1-2 times per year, depending on the number of kids, pets, and traffic your carpets receive. Some people go years without cleaning their carpets. Unbeknown to them, their carpets are collecting thousands of germs and bacteria. For the deepest carpet cleaning available in Snohomish County, WA, call Chem-Dry Four Seasons.

Shower Curtain

  • The dark stuff at the bottom of your shower curtain is mold or mildew, which grows easily on parts of the curtain that fold on itself and trap moisture. An easy way to clean the shower curtain is to remove it from the rod and simply toss it in the washing machine. This should be done every month or so.

Air Vents

  • If you take a closer look at your air vents, you’ll realize that there is a lot more dust than you thought. Rather than breathing that dust in, take a rag and give your air vents a good cleaning.

Door Knobs

  • Door knobs are an area in your home that get touched over, and over, and over. Because hands often carry germs, dirty door knobs are a quick way to spread germs throughout your whole home and family. Bacteria can stay alive on a metal door knob for up to 8 hours, so you better clean them often!

Ice Tray

  • You probably didn’t know ice trays could get dirty, but despite the fact that they hold only water, you should still toss them in the dishwasher every now and then. For silicone trays, try soaking them in warm water and vinegar.

Vacuum Filter

  • You emptied the vacuum collector, but did you remember to clean the vacuum filter? These filters collect so much dust, the more you clean them, the better. A clean vacuum filter makes your vacuum more effective at doing its job.

Microwave touchpad

  • Here lies the grease and oil from every meal you’ve had for the last 3 months. Clean it.


  • This often just takes a simple wipe down if you stay on top of it. The problem? Most people don’t clean their tile very often resulting in discoloration and grime that takes a lot of scrubbing and product. If the tile really needs a good shine, it’s a safe bet to call Chem-Dry.
  • If your tile is in good shape, it probably only needs a quick wipe down. However, many people don’t clean their tile floors very often, resulting in discoloration and grim build-up. If this is the case, a lot of scrubbing and product will be required. For a professional cleaning, find a Chem-Dry near you that offers tile cleaning services.