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Rug Care Guide: 9 Tips to Maintaining Your Rug

1) Know the Specifics about your Area Rug

It is vital to know what kind of yarn, what kind of backing, as well as any special instructions from the manufacturer.

2) Rotate your Rugs

The lifespan of any given area rug can be prolonged by rotation. Especially in high traffic areas, we suggest having multiple rugs to rotate in and out occasionally. 

3) Have it Professional Cleaned on a Regular Basis.

Professional area rug cleaning is the best way to ensure a long life for your rug. Having your rug cleaned by a pro can reverse a lot of the daily damage that it suffers. 

4) Keep it Away From the Sun

Limit your rug’s exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading. Keeping the blinds closed in the room while it is not in use will keep any rugs or other things like books from becoming sun-bleached.

5) Manage any Fiber-Shedding

Vacuum high traffic rugs 1-2 times a week initially. Also, do not pull on stray loops; instead, simply cut them back to size. 

6) Protect Your Rug From Furniture

Use protectors/sliders on the feet of furniture to prevent large divots or damage. Be sure that furniture legs are clean before placing them on a rug. 

7) Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your rug will extend the life and beauty of your rug significantly. Vacuuming every 1-2 weeks is ideal, but high traffic may require maintenance more often. Use a vacuum that can cater to the pile height of your rug. If you have a high pile rug, it can be damaged by a vacuum on a low pile setting, and a high pile setting won’t really clean a low pile rug.

8) Remove Pet Hair

If there is stubborn pet hair or dirt in your rugs, there are a few tools you can use to get rid of it without damaging the rug. These tools include a carpet brush, carpet rake, or standard squeegee tool. Sometimes, using a lint roller can also do the trick. If you also have problems with pet urine odors and stains in your carpet or rug, Chem-Dry can help with that as well!

9) Stain and Spill Triage

Immediately blot up the spill using a clean cloth. Do not rub, as this can press the spill further into the fibers and increase the likelihood of the stain setting in. Scrape up semi-solid spills with a thin spoon. As it dries, you can then clean up the rest with a vacuum. Trying to remove stubborn stains? Chem-Dry Four Seasons may be able to help!