Family cleaning schedule

Round Up the Whole Family

We know it’s not easy to keep a house clean. Especially when it’s your turn for carpool pick up and you’re trying to load your screaming babies into the car. Whether it’s just you and your spouse or your family of five it can feel near to impossible keeping a spotless home while working a full-time job, balancing activity schedules, cooking and attending social gatherings. Thinking about the day to day cleaning tasks can certainly get overwhelming, especially when you consider all of the things you need to do such as: making beds, mopping floors, and doing dishes.

Sometimes as adults, we feel like we need to do it all ourselves because it just gets done quicker. Involving younger ones isn’t only important for your sanity but it’s an awesome learning experience for them. By teaching your children to value their personal belongings and living space, you will find that your house stays cleaner for longer and your kiddos will start learning important life lessons at an early age! Here’s how you can do it in a few easy and simple steps.

Involve the Little Ones (They’re More Capable Than You Think)

Your home may be a place of refuge or it may be a complete circus. Either way, it’s your home! You should teach your children to treat it the way you do. Secrets out, a healthy home is a happy home. From firsthand experience, we know toddlers tend to act as tornados. The minute one things gets put away another gets pulled out. They reach for the highest most dangerous objects and can’t be stopped when it comes to their curiosity for all things they aren’t allowed to touch. Rooms get disorganized quickly and living spaces can quickly turn into complete chaos. Though this certainly causes parents a lot of stress, it’s not at all a bad thing.

Your toddler has lots of energy (could you imagine the things you could get done with even half of their energy?) and when channeling it the right way they can be a huge help. Teach them to be responsible for a small chore like tidying up their bed or cleaning up the toy room when they are done playing. By teaching them to pick up after themselves it will save you a lot time chasing after them and prepare them to complete larger tasks as they get older. Talk with your toddler and ask what they feel they can do to help around the house. You’ll be surprised at how much they are willing to help if you make it sound fun. 

Put Together a Reward System

Whether you’re 2 or 32, we can all use a reason to stay on track. Motivating ourselves to do things we don’t want has been a strategic tactic for years. We’re all motivated by things we want. Luckily for children, these things can be as simple as a candy bar or a new toy, a little less expensive than a new car. 

Go to your local school supply store and pick up some markers, stickers, and a large whiteboard. Personalize it the way you’d like and compile a list of chores that need to be done each week. Gather family members and review responsibilities and expectations. Explain to them the benefits of keeping a clean home and express your confidence in them to help. The goal here is to make each child feel good about themselves. Keep chore assignments age appropriate so as not to fursturate children if takss are too diffifuclt to complete. 

Together, as a family, think of rewards for a week’ worth of chores. Maybe your kids want to go out to eat or go to a movie. Choose something that will keep your family motivated whether it be individually or as a group and be true to your word. As your children learn to take care of their belongings, you’ll have a family that not only cleans together but enjoys being with one another. 

Schedule Annual Cleanings With The Professionals

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