chem dry four seasons family chore chartIt doesn’t matter if you live alone, with your spouse, or with an entire army of kids and/or pets – keeping the house clean and tidy can be a bit of a challenge. With so many tasks to do (make the beds, mop the floors, do the dishes, etc., etc., etc.), it can become overwhelming! The old phrase “many hands make light work” is definitely applicable to maintaining a clean home. Rather than do all the chores yourself, get your children involved if you have them! Here are a few basic steps that you can take to get your kids on board.

Get Your Toddlers Involved (It’s Never Too Early!)

The fact is that the healthier your home is, the happier it will be. Toddlers can be hard to clean up after, especially if your toddler is constantly working on his/her Tasmanian Devil impersonation. But you can use all that energy of theirs to your advantage! Teach them to be responsible for one simple chore each day, such as making their bed or putting away the toys after using them. Even one small chore being done each day will lighten up your load, as well as teach your toddler good habits.

Start a Reward System

Whether you are a 5, 25, or 50 years old, everyone responds positively to motivation or rewards to help them stay on track. For kids it can be simple. Go to the local craft store and buy a large sheet of cardboard and some stickers, or a large whiteboard and markers. Write down each of the chores that need to be done each week, and then write down the names of each family member who are assigned to each chore. Choose appropriate chores for different aged children. The goal is to make the children feel good about themselves, not overwhelmed or frustrated with difficult tasks they have to do.

family cleaning schedule Then as a family, choose a reward for each week’s worth of chores that are completed. Maybe it’s dinner at the kid’s favorite restaurant, or maybe it’s a fun round of miniature golf. Whatever it is, implement a reward that will motivate the entire family to do their very best job at caring for their personal belongings and assigned chores. A family that cleans together, stays together (and creates lots of happy memories together)!

Call the Professionals

For certain jobs, nobody can do it like the professionals. For a healthy home, schedule regular cleanings with Chem-Dry Four Seasons. As a trusted, local company, we’ll provide you with superior carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning. Schedule an appointment today!