Here at Chem-Dry Four Seasons, we love the environment. Both our local Everett environment and the planet at large. We know that we need to be protecting our earth as best as we can. That’s why we’ve put in place some practices and developed products that help us to be more green. Here are some of the ways we strive to take care of our planet:

We Made a Cleaner Out of Natural Ingredients

Where do you think that our carpet and upholstery cleaner, The Natural™, got its name? That’s right, from its ingredients. A lot of carpet cleaners use harsh cleaners with heavy chemicals to clean your carpets, but not Chem-Dry. The Natural™ is made of ingredients copied straight from Mother Nature herself. It contains absolutely zero soaps, solvents, detergents, or enzymes that could contaminate the water table or harm the plants and wildlife around your home. Every ingredient in The Natural™ is on the FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list, so you know it’s safe for your family and safe for the environment.

So how do we get such a great clean without harsh cleaning chemicals? The main ingredient in The Natural™ is carbonated water. You read that right, carbonated bubbles clean your carpet. It works like this: our equipment releases carbonated bubbles into your carpet, and they burrow deep into the fibers. From there, they break up any stains or dirt in your carpet and the bubbles carry it all to the surface. Our extraction equipment then sucks it straight out of your carpet. You truly can’t believe how well this process works until you see it with your own eyes. It’s hard to believe it’s green friendly, but it is!

We Use Less Water

Yet another of the advantages of The Natural™ carpet cleaner is it allows us to use less water. We understand that water is a precious commodity and should be preserved when possible, especially in areas prone to drought. Not to mention, having a ton of water in your carpets is a pain to deal with! That’s why we use as little water as possible. In fact, we use 80% less water than steam cleaners. Steam cleaners work by pumping your carpets full of water to flood any dirt out. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of water. Because we utilize bubbles, we don’t need nearly as much water to get a superior clean. This is good for both your carpet and our environment.

We Got Green Certified

A lot of companies say that they are eco-friendly or want to protect the environment. We wanted to make sure that we were true to our word, so we are sure to follow the rigorous standards to qualify for green certification. In addition to The Natural™, we use several other Green-Certified products, from our stain removers and carpet deodorizers to our proprietary P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) liquid. We don’t take our responsibility to take care of the environment lightly, and we are willing to put in the work to make sure we fulfill that duty. You don’t have to take our word that we are an environmentally friendly choice; the green certification speaks for itself.


The next time that you need a carpet cleaner in Snohomish County, we hope that you will consider Chem-Dry Four Seasons and help us in our goal for more homes to use green cleaning services!