green carpet cleaning edmonds washingtonThere are numerous carpet cleaning companies to choose from in the Edmonds, Washington area, so how can you narrow down your options to make the best choice? Today we’d like to share with you what makes a green carpet cleaning company different from everyone else out there, and how what we do can benefit you greatly.  


Affordable Green Carpet Cleaning

The number one factor most people look at is, “How much does it cost?” When you think “green carpet cleaning” your first reaction may be that it’s more expensive than other traditional steam cleaning methods. However, our green cleaning services are actually affordable, and provide you with higher quality service that has less impact on the environment. You can’t go wrong with that!


Green Carpet Cleaning: Safe For Your Family & The Environment

Here is how we protect the environment and your home with our green carpet cleaning method:

  • We don’t use any toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals. Instead, we’ve formulated a revolutionary solution called The Natural®, which is free from chemicals and phosphates that can be damaging to your pets and children.
  • Much like club soda removes stains from clothes, we use the Power of Carbonation to gently lift dirt, bacteria, and allergens from your carpet. This process use 80% less water than other methods, which means less impact on the environment, reduced likelihood of mold and mildew growth, and much faster drying times!


A Local Carpet Cleaning Company You Can Trust

allergen removal everett washingtonWhen you choose Chem-Dry Four Seasons as your professional carpet cleaner, it’s a win-win! You’ll receive the absolute deepest clean, unbelievably quick dry times, and peace of mind knowing our products are safe for your family and the Snohomish County & Camano Island communities.

Learn more about how our cleaning services promote a healthy home by removing harmful allergens and bacteria!

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